SHF-2367 Yagi 1296 MHz, 67 el

SHF-2367 Yagi 1296 MHz, 67 el

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The 23 and 13 cm bands belong to the UHF bands with the highest frequencies and offer very unique and fascinating propagation conditions. Here, antennas with high gain are essential to achieve good results in contests or DX. Due to the relatively short wavelength, the demands on precision in antenna construction are significantly higher than, for example, on 2m. Here, an error of a few millimetres has a very significant effect and can lead to poor matching or non-optimal gain.

The WiMo SHF Yagis for 23 and 13 cm are based on the proven design of DL6WU. The square boom tubes are drilled in one piece on an automatic production machine to keep the tolerances as low as possible. In the same way, the aluminium elements are automatically sawn with a maximum length tolerance of 0.1mm. These elements are then inserted and fixed into the boom with precise centring. The dipole uses a balun made of semi-rigid coaxial cable, making it very robust and accurate to manufacture. In addition, the connections of the balun are covered with protective lacquer and the connection box is sprayed waterproof. Of course, the dipoles for the WiMo Yagis have an N-connector. For 'hanging' systems, the baluns are also offered with 180° phase reversal, which simplifies the laying of coaxial cables for stacked antenna systems considerably. The dipoles are also offered individually as spare parts.

To keep the noise caused by side lobes low, a reflector with 8 elements is used. This ensures a good gain/temperature ratio, which is particularly important for EME and satellite operation. Here, the antennas are also adjusted in elevation so that the end points to the ground. And a lot of 'man-made noise' comes from the ground. The WiMo SHF antennas are delivered pre-assembled, only the boom parts have to be mounted. The shortest designs of the Yagis are designed for foremast mounting, the longer models have a downstand and have to be installed on the end of the rotating tube or a boom.

The SHF-2367 Yagi

To our knowledge, one of the longest industrially manufactured 23cm antennas! With 22 λ length and almost 20 dBD gain, it is a top product of the antenna industry. All mounting parts and screws are made of stainless steel. Due to the 8-fold reflector, the antenna has a very high front-to-back ratio. With 19.9 dBD gain, corresponding to 22 dB above the omnidirectional antenna, and a side lobe suppression of 17 dB, it follows exactly the physical laws for gain-optimised antennas. E- and H-opening angles are almost the same and facilitate interconnection of several Yagis to form groups with the highest gain. The antenna covers the entire 23cm band and does not tune itself out of band even in rain. The beam is designed so that the antenna sags very little. A dipole is of course included. The maximum transmit power is 500W.

For the 23cm Yagis we offer a spare dipole (article 18400.01) in case one is needed. Furthermore, a special dipole is available as an option, which is mounted 'upside down' to facilitate H-sticks (article 18400.02).

Technical Data
Gain 1296 MHz [dBi] 22
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical 13.7
Supported Bands 23cm
Front/Back Ratio 1296 MHz [dB] 27
Mono-/Multiband Monoband
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal 13.7
Number of connectors 1
Product Name SHF-2367
Boom length [cm] 510 cm
Balun Included Yes
Max. Power [W] 500 W
Frequency Range 1240 - 1300 MHz
Stacking Distance horizontal (cm) 91.3 cm
Stacking Distance vertical (cm) 91.3 cm
Polarisation Horizontal
Antenna Guying No
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Strut yes
Antenna mount Top of Mast
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 52
Documentation Languages DE
Weight [kg] 4.80 kgs


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