Elad Scalar network analyser

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SNA2550: PC based scalar network analyser up to 2500 MHz

The latest product by ELAD is a 'black box' except for the connectors. All controls and display is handled via the computer, connected via USB 2.0. This is not only cost wise a good solution, but offers many more possibilities like printing, archiving, mobile use etc.

Like a traditional network analyser, the SNA-2550 measure transmission and reflection from 400kHz to 2500MHz in five ranges. Output level is adjustable between -50 and 0dBm, the dynamic range is 60dB. The input attenuator can be adjustend from 0 to 50dB in 10dB steps. A semi-rigid coax cable is supplied for automatic calibration of the device.

The SNA-2550 power (12-15V) is supplied over the included USB cable.

The user interface on the PC is similiar to a traditional network analyser. All measurements and settings can be stored and later recalled. Windows 2000™, Windows XP™, Vista or Windows 7 32/64bit is required.
Technical Data
Product Name SNA-2550
Brand Elad

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