SP-3 Superspike

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Supply Scope

  • Ground spike with 3/8"-16 UNC thread
  • Instruction manual EN

The SP-3 'Superspike' is a ground spike for mounting antennas such as the MP-1 from Superantennas. It is intended for mounting in soft ground such as a meadow.

The aluminium spike is 29cm long, pointed at one end, with a 3/8"-16 UNC thread at the other end. The UM-2 bracket can be screwed onto this thread, for example, which in turn carries the MP-1 and provides connections for radials. This way an antenna can be safely installed on the ground in a few minutes, for example on a camping site, on a hike or in the garden.

The SP-3 Superspike is part of the MP-1 antenna system with many possible combinations. For protection, a plastic cap is attached to the pointed end and the 3/8"-16 thread is protected by a nut.

Technical Data
Product Name SP-3 SuperSpike
Tube Diameter (mm) 9
Material Aluminium
Length [m] 0.29 m
Weight 60 g
Brand Super Antenna

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