SP3000P Surge Arrestor Nf/Nm, 400W

SP3000P Surge Arrestor Nf/Nm, 400W

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Top Features
  • Useable up to 3 GHz
  • Max. 400 W transmit power
  • Less than 0.3 dB insertion loss
Supply Scope
  • SP3000P
  • Gas Discharge capsule
  • Grounding screw

Technical description SP-3000P

The Diamond SP3000P lightning protection is looped directly into the coaxial cable. This is best done where there is a short and good connection to the lightning conductor or the house earth. The SP3000P must be earthed for safe operation. Maximum cut-off frequency up to 3000 MHz, passivity for DC voltage, low insertion loss of less than 0.3 dB. Coaxial connections N-plug/N-socket, the earth wire is fixed with a screw. The SP3000P is not waterproof.

Application description SP-3000P

Overvoltage also occurs at the antenna and in the cable when lightning strikes nearby. This means that such protection can cover a relatively common risk. The SP3000P lightning protector is inserted directly into the coaxial cable with its N-connectors (plug/socket). A screw made of stainless material (M4) is used to connect an earth cable. The wide frequency range up to 3 GHz allows this lightning protector to also be used with Wifi systems in the 2.4 GHz band.

The SP3000P surge protector is not waterproof and should not be used outdoors, or if so, only with additional protection.  The gas discharge cartridge supplied should be replaced every 2-4 years as a preventive measure; it is best to order a reserve at the same time.

Technical Data
Frequency Range 0 - 3000 MHz
Insertion Loss 1500 MHz (dB) < 0.3
Insertion Loss (dB) < 0.3 dB
Upper frequency limit (kHz) 3000
Insertion Loss 500 MHz (dB) < 0.3
Insertion Loss 3000 MHz (dB) < 0.3
Impedance (Ω) 50
Max. Power [W] 400 W
Breakthrough Voltage (V) 1000
DC pass through Yes
Max. discharge current 6000 A
Weatherproof No
Connector A N Plug
Connector B N Socket
Size W x H x D 77 x 41 x 21
Weight [kg] 0.11 kgs


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