Icom SP-39AD Desktop speaker w. built-in power supply

Icom SP-39AD Desktop speaker w. built-in power supply

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Desktop loudspeaker, optically and electrically designed to match the IC-R8600 receiver, with built in Power Supply AD-55NS. The loudspeaker has a fold-out stand which gives the enclosere the same angle as the receiver. Output current max. 2A. Two permanently attached cables, one for the DC output to the IC-R8600, the other for audio input with 3.5mm phone plug. Removeable AC cable included.

Technical Data
Audio Power (W) 7 w
Voltage Output (V) 15
Max. Current Output (A) 2
Size W x H x D 100 x 90 x 241 mm
Weight [kg] 1.60 kgs


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