SPE Expert Amplifiers

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  • Carrying bag
  • Two cables with RCA connectors for PTT and ALC
  • One USB cable
  • Three DB15 connectors
  • One DB-9 connector
  • CD-ROM with user manual
  • One 20A spare fuse
  • Spare air filter
  • Declaration of conformity and warranty form

The SPE power amplifiers are not only known for their excellent RF characteristics, but also for the very good remote control capability through the CAT interfaces of almost all manufacturers. For example, a PA can be used to set up a SO2R contest station very easily.

SPE offers only semiconductor power amplifiers. This makes the PAs very small and relatively light and therefore suitable for DX-peditions or for holidays. The power supply is built-in and can be operated with mains voltages from 100 to 240 VAC. The small 1300W PA is available with or without a built-in tuner, the larger 1500 and 2000W power amps are always equipped with an automatic antenna tuner. This antenna tuner fits a standing wave ratio of max. 3:1 (2.5:1 on 6m), so even narrow band antennas can be operated outside the resonance frequency. The tuner can also be bypassed if desired, in case the antenna is perfectly matched. The management of the antennas is very well thought-out, so that 4 antenna outputs can be controlled with the Expert 1.3K and the Expert 1.5K, and all 6 antenna outputs with the Expert 2.0K. The assignment can be set very precisely on each band via the built-in microprocessor, e.g. on one band 2 or 3 different outputs can be activated automatically depending on the frequency. Another special feature of the antenna control is the support of SteppIR and Ultrabeam antennas.

In general the automatic plays an important role with the SPE power amplifiers. Due to the well thought out integration of the CAT control a fully automatic operation is possible without any problems. During operation you only need to adjust the VFO knob, everything else runs automatically. To make this as reliable as possible SPE has equipped the power amplifiers with two microprocessors each. The software of the Expert-PAs is very important for the development. This results in a seamless integration with transceiver manufacturers like Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, FlexRadio, Elecraft and others. Due to this close integration of radio and power amplifier, an Expert-PA from SPE is also very well suited for remote operation.

The settings of the PA can be made via the large LC display, a number of buttons are available for operating the tuner (on models with ATU) and the PA. Alternatively, the settings can also be made via a Windows software. Semiconductor PAs like the Expert power amplifiers do not need any preheating time and are ready for use immediately after power on, so you will never miss a DX again. In the Stby you can switch off the PA and drive 'barefoot', the insertion loss of 0.8 dB is negligible. The selection of the respective antenna and the operation of the tuner is also possible when the amplifier is not switched on.

SPE Expert Amplifiers

Expert-1.3K Expert-1.3KATU Expert-1.5KATU Expert-2.0KATU
Weight: 7,5 9.5
9.5 25 kg
Dimensions: 28 x 12 x 38 28 x 12 x 38 28 x 12 x 38 38 x 18 x 43 cm (LxHxD)
Max. Power: 1300 1300 1500 2000 W
Technical Data
Product Name SPE Expert Amplifiers
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Brand SPE
SPE Expert Amplifiers
SPE Expert Amplifiers

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As low as: €3,150.00
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