GRP poles from Spiderbeam

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Top Features

  • Robust construction, more solid than fishing poles
  • 7 - 10 - 12 - 18 - 26m
  • Can be erected by one person
  • Support for wire antennas
  • Support for small directional antennas

The GRP poles from Spiderbeam are characterised by a very stable construction. The wall thicknesses are significantly thicker than those of the usual fishing rods, making the masts stiffer and able to carry more weight. This makes them particularly suitable as carriers for wire antennas or small VHF directional antennas. Geocachers 'fish' their treasures out of the tree with the mast!

Even the large masts up to 18m can be erected by one person alone without any problems, but for the 26m mast two people would be advisable. With the long versions, excellent vertical antennas can also be set up for 80 and 160m. Delta loops are also ideally suited for this type of mast. DX-peditions also use this design for a 4-square antenna.

The cap at the bottom is removable, so individual segments of the mast can be taken out and cleaned individually. The Spiderbeam GRP masts are black coloured and UV resistant.

HD Version 12m
The designation "HD" (Heavy Duty) stands for a particularly robust version of the mast. During production, many layers of fibreglass are wound in alternating directions. This results in a significant stiffening in longitudinal and transverse direction.  The overlapping of the tube pieces is also significantly greater than with other masts.

Technical Data
Product Name GRP poles from Spiderbeam
Material Glass Fibre reinforced plastic
Color Black
Brand Spiderbeam
GRP poles from Spiderbeam
GRP poles from Spiderbeam

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As low as: €55.00
incl. VAT, plus shipping €46.22

In stock, shipped in 1 to 2 days

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