RM Italy Switching Power Supply

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Powerful switching power supply for amplifiers or the entireradio station.

The SPS-1050S is a switching power supply with a max. output current of 55A, manufactured by RM Italy. The continous load is 50A, which makes it particularly suitable for the supply of amplifiers or other large loads.

The SPS-1050S can either be set to a fixed output voltage of 13.5V or to a adjustable voltage of 9 to 15 Volt. This makes it useful for other consumers loads which require a different voltage, or to compensate voltage losses on long cables. Two backlit analog instruments show voltage and current at the same time, for an immediate control of the power supply. Safety measures against too high tempereature or excessive current as well as short circuit help to protect the power supply as well as the load. Weight only approx. 3 kg, size 185 × 113 × 285 mm.
Technical Data
Product Name SPS-1050S
Ripple (mV) ≤ 50mVpp
Max. Current Output (A) 55
Voltage Display Analogue
Outout current (continous) 50 A
Brand RM Italy
Size W x H x D 185 x 113 x 285 mm

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