Hari SymBal Choke for Parallel Wire Cable

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Top Features

  • for parallel wire of any impedance
  • max. 120 or 1000 W SSB(/CW

Supply Scope

  • Choke

Technical description

The SYMBAL common mode choke for parallel wire feed (symmetrical two-wire line, aka twin wire) of any impedance is to coaxial cable what the common mode choke is to coaxial cable. It can be looped into the twin wire at any point, the transmission ratio is 1:1. This common-mode choke is offered in two power classes - max .120 W and max. 1000 W. Depending on the placement of the common-mode choke in the current or voltage maximum of the parallel wire line, the blocking attenuation values can vary.

Application description

In order to prevent undesired equalising currents even with parallel wire lines, a symmetrical choke with a transmission ratio of 1:1 is fed into the line. The width (i.e. the impedance) of the ribbon cable and the length of the dipole are not decisive, because the antenna is tuned as a complete unit (dipole, feed line, choke, tuner).

If no balanced tuner is available, an ordinary coaxial output on the tuner can also be used if a balun, e.g. 1:1 (trifilar wound voltage balun) or a 1:4 balun (bifilar wound) is connected in between.

Alternatively, this choke is also available as a centre section for a dipole with parallel wire feed.

Technical Data
Product Name Hari SymBal Choke for Parallel Wire Cable
Transformation Ratio 1:1
Blocking Attenuation > 20 dB
Frequency Range 1.8 - 30 MHz
Color Black
Connector Screw Terminal
Brand Hari
Type of balun Current Balun (Choke)

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