Mosley TA-53M 5 Band Beam, 4 El.

Mosley TA-53M 5 Band Beam, 4 El.

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Another Mosley First!

Three active elements each on 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m. Good overall performance!

No adjustments necessary, comes with pre-drilled holes, with stainless steel screws and a Mosley warranty.

The TA-53M was developed for radio amateurs looking for a 3 element 5 band beam with smallest size.

The development criteria were:

  • One feedline only

  • A very wide band antenna which works nicely on solid state amplifiers.

  • An antenna as smal las possible for 5 bands.

  • Desined for optimum gain on 5 bands, on a 4.3m boom.

  • Minimal influences within the antenna due to the narrow spaced elements.

  • An antenna which withstands severe weather conditions.

We think that we made it. One has to accept the small drawback of a less favorable fron/back ratio, this is given with just one director and one reflector.

This is the antenna for the demanding amateur who is looking for an all purpose antenna. The TA-53M is equal or better to other 3 element beams with 4.3m boom, better in relation to gainm bandwidth, SWR and construction.

Although we call the TA-53M light and small, it is heavier than the Mosley TA-33M and up to twice as heavy as some competitors products. The reason for this is the very solid construction. At first the TA-53M was designed as a lightweight antenna for military and commercial applications...

The TA-53M can be extended to 30 and 40m. The extension kit for 40m is the TA-40KR, that for 30m the TA-30KR.
Technical Data
Boom length [cm] 420 cm
Supported Bands 10m
Number of Elements 4
Gain 14 MHz [dBi] 8.6
Gain 18 MHz [dBi] 8.8
Gain 24 MHz [dBi] 9.2
Gain 28 MHz [dBi] 10
Gain 21 MHz [dBi] 9
Polarisation Horizontal
Weight (Transport) [kg] 27.7
Front/Back Ratio 21 MHz (dB) 13
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Yagi
Mono-/Multiband Multiband
Rotation Radius (m) 4.6 m
Front/Back Ratio 28 MHz (dB) 16
Front/Back Ratio 14 MHz (dB) 10
Front/Back Ratio 18 MHz (dB) 12
Front/Back Ratio 24 MHz (dB) 15
Weight [kg] 24.80 kgs


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