Aluminium Mast, telescopic (transport size from 1.90m)

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The WiMo aluminium telescopic masts are suitable for many tasks: from antenna construction to the installation of weather stations to photo cameras for monitoring construction sites. Although the masts are primarily intended for temporary, portable use, they can also be installed permanently if suitably fastened, for example to serve as a guying point for a dipole antenna.

The load capacity of the masts is determined by the clamping length and height. Depending on the diameter, weights up to 4 kg or more are possible. The WiMo sliding masts consist of several aluminium tubes slotted on one side, which can be extended to any length and locked in place with a solid clamp. The maximum extension length is limited by a marking ring approx. 20cm before the end of the tube. Since there is no fixed stop, it is recommended to approach the marking slowly. The tubes are made of a weather-resistant aluminium alloy. The graduation of the telescope diameters is 5 mm with a nominal wall thickness of the tubes of 2 mm.

The sliding masts are ideal for portable use due to the telescopic extension and the low dead weight. Please note the clamping length when setting up the masts. The clamping length is 1/6 of the extension length, but at least 1 meter. For mast lengths greater than 6 metres, calculated from the upper clamping point, the mast must be additionally braced.

Besides this group of portable aluminium masts with a transport length of 190cm and more, there is another group of masts with a transport length of max. 150cm or less, see article numbers 18300.xx.

Overview of all masts with transport length of 190 cm:

Article Nº Length extended Transport length Number of segments Diameter top/bottom
18305.5 5 m 1.9 m 3 50/40 mm
18305.65 6.5 m 1.9 m 4 55/40 mm
18305.8 8 m 1.9 m 5 60/40 mm
18305.95 9.5 m 1.9 m 6 65/40 mm
18305.114 11.4 m 1.9 m 7 65/35 mm
18305.13 13 m 1.9 m 8 70/35 mm
18299 15.6 m 2.7 m 7 65/35 mm
18305.16 16 m 1.95 m 10 75/30 mm
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Technical Data
Product Name Aluminium Mast, telescopic (transport size from 1.90m)
Material Aluminium
Brand WiMo

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