Cable RigExpert TI-8 Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu

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The TI-8 interface from the Ukrainian manufacturer RigExpert is a soundcard interface for all digital operating modes. An integrated sound card allows the comfortable operation in amateur radio without having to change the sound settings of the normal sound card of the computer. The most important advantage is the complete galvanic isolation between computer and radio. This reliably avoids hum loops, which could otherwise lead to distorted modulation.

The TI-8 soundcard interface offers all the functions you need to operate in FT-8, PSK-31, RTTY, SSTV and other digi modes:

  • CAT control of the transceivers for logging and contest operation

  • Audio In- and Output over separate ACC connectors on the radio, not by the mic input

  • FSK keying for RTTY (if supported by the transceiver)

  • PTT and CW keying

  • CW Morse keyer with Winkey
  • Squelch output

Important: For operation the TI-8 interface requires a cable between the radio and the computer. This cable must be ordered separately. We offer several cables ready to use, but building your own cable is not problematic. For operation drivers and a software program must be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer RigExpert and installed on the computer. All installation docs are in english.

The following, ready-to-use cables are available:

List of TI-8 Cables

  • TI-FT1K-S2: Yaesu FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP Mark-V, FT-2000, FT-2000D, FT DX 5000, FT DX 5000D, FT DX 5000MP (using PATCH and AF OUT sockets)
  • TI-FT1K-S7: Yaesu FT-1000MP, FT-1000MP Mark-V, FT-2000, FT-2000D, FT DX 5000, FT DX 5000D, FT DX 5000MP (using PACKET and AF OUT sockets)
  • TI-FT950: Yaesu FT-950, FT DX 1200, FT DX 3000
  • TI-FTMINI8: Yaesu FT-100, FT-817, FT-817ND, FT-857, FT-857D, FT-897, FT-897D
  • TI-IC8: Icom IC-707, IC-275, IC-721, IC-725, IC-726, IC-728, IC-729, IC-732, IC-735, IC-736, IC-737, IC-738, IC-756 (all models), IC-761, IC-765, IC-775, IC-781, IC-7851, IC-970, IC-7600, IC-7700, IC-7800
  • TI-IC13: Icom IC-703, IC-706 (all models), IC-718, IC-7000 (using DIN-13 ACC socket), IC-7200, IC-7300, IC-7410, IC-9100
  • TI-TSMINI6: Kenwood TS-480HX, TS-480SAT
  • TI-TS9: Kenwood TS-570S, TS-570D, TS-590S, TS-2000, TS-2000X, TS-B2000

Technical Data
Product Name Cable RigExpert TI-8 Icom/Kenwood/Yaesu
Brand RigExpert
Cable Length [m] 0.5 m
Connector A D-Sub connector, 25 pin
Connector B Device specific

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