Headset for Motorola T60 and T80

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  • Headset

This headset for use with Motorola T60 and T80 models has a single ear cup designed for a comfortable and lightweight fit.

The headset is designed to be worn on one ear only, leaving the other ear free to hear your surroundings.

The design allows you to communicate at the same time as keeping your hands free for other tasks.

The ear cup is padded to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while providing excellent noise isolation to minimise distracting background noise and facilitate communication. The microphone is equipped with noise cancellation to allow clear communication and minimise background noise.

The cable is robust and durable to ensure reliable performance.

Overall, this headset is a perfect choice for anyone who needs a lightweight and comfortable headset for radio use where one ear needs to remain free.

Technical Data
Product Name TLKR-HS04
Suitable for TLKR-T60, TLKR-T80
Brand Motorola
Length [m] 1.2 m
Weight 65 g

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