TLKR T50 PMR446 Handheld radio

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Supply Scope

  • TLKR T50 PMR446 handheld radio
  • 2 x TLKR T50
  • manual
  • 2 x belt clip
  • 2 x hand straps
  • 2 x NiMH batteries
  • Plug-in charger with 2 connections
The Motorola TLKR Walkie-Talkie radios offer everything what you ever need for mobile communication when on the road: ease of use, long endurance on battery and solid mechanics. No matter whether you are on a hike, a bike tour or on the construction site, the TLKR radios will take anything. All Motorola TLKR radios may be used without a license in nearly all countries of the European Union. There are not communications fees for using this radio service. The radios use the PMR frequencies around 446 MHz, the service is therefore called PMR446.

The reach (maximum distance) of all PMR radios depends heavily on the surroundings and the current situation of the user. Under optimum conditions the maximum reach is about 6 to 10 km. This makes these devices perfectly suitable for comminications of groups in a camp, on a hike or for a team at a sports event. Each transmission is keyed by one of 121 selectable, inaudibe tone codes. This ensures that you only receive the participants of your group, other radio users on the same channel will not disturb you. As soon as a member of the group starts to transmit a signal tone is heard (only selected radios), depending on group different call tnes are selectable.

All Motorola TLKR Radios have a rugged design, so they can withstand the rough handling during an outdoor activity without damage. Differences do exist though concerning the impermeability against water, see table. You would not need the absolutely water tight version when using the radio only indoors in a gym, but during a canoe trip the waterproof T80.extreme might be adviseable.

[1] The reach is highly inflienced by surroundings, the current position, partially the weather and other electromagnetic influences.

[2] Weight without batteries.
Technical Data
Product Name TLKR-T50
Brand Motorola
Bluetooth Interface No
Size W x H x D 55 x 165 x 30
TLKR T50 PMR446 Handheld radio
TLKR T50 PMR446 Handheld radio

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incl. VAT, plus shipping €36.55

No longer available

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