Elad TM-2 Console for SDR Rx

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  • Elad TM-2 Console for SDR Rx
  • USB cable type A to type B, 1.7 metre
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The TM-2 (formerly known as TMATE-2) is a desktop controller for various SDR programs. It offers the same operational comfort as a traditional radio, combined with the most up-to-date SDR technology.

For a full description and more images of the TM-2 controller please click here.

The TM-2 is a controller for various SDR software programs. It offers the operational comfort of a traditional radio, combined with the most up-to-date technology of an SDR.

The TM-2 controller (formerly known as TMATE-2) is connected by USB to the computer running the SDR software. Depending on the software it offers controls for many functions which are known from a traditional radio front panel. The backlit LC display (with selectable colour) shows the current frequency, the signal level, the current mode and much more. Six push buttons are available for often used functions, for example for mode selection, step width, receiver mute etc. Two smaller and one large rotating encoders with heavy metal knobs serve for the frequency selection, volume or filter width control. Each of the rotary encoders is also a push button, which is used for example to switch functions temporarily. A huge benefit of the TM-2 is, that the control of the SDR program is still possible in cases, where another software is active in the foreground of the computer.

The connection of the TM-2 to the computer is done by a USB cable. The controller uses the standardized HID protocol for USB devices, and thus does not require special drivers on recent operating systems. The case is made from metal, giving the TM-2 a solid touch and feel. A USB cable is included in shipment. The power supply is done over USB, no separate power supply required. Size 143 x 78 x 135mm, panel tilted by 45°, weight 780g.

Please note that the operation of this device can require the installation of additional software and drivers, which are not included in shipment and which can cost money. You can find the appropiate software (e.g. Tmate2CatConsole) at the manufacturers website.

List of supported programs and devices:

  • FDM-SW1 [1]
  • FDM-SW2 [1]
  • Perseus (Microtelecom, alpha status, requires Tmate2CatControl Software)
  • SDR-Radio Console V2 [1]
  • PowerSDR (FlexRadio, Beta status, requires Tmate2CatControl Software)
  • HPSDR PowerSDR (Apache Labs ANAN-xx Transceiver, Beta Status, requires Tmate2CatConsole Software)
  • Studio1 [1]
  • N4PY Software [1]
  • and more...

[1] This program supports TM-2 directly, without further software.
[2] This program requires further software for operation of the TM-2, this additional software is not included in shipment. This additonal softare is a) Tmate2CatControl by Woodboxradio (free of charge) and b) a Virtual Serial Port Emulator which needs to be bought for 64 Bit operating systems.

Technical Data
Product Name TM-2
Brand Elad
Weight 700 g
Elad TM-2 Console for SDR Rx
Elad TM-2 Console for SDR Rx

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