Microset Switching Power Supply

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Supply Scope

  • Microset switching power supply; 1.25 metre power supply cable
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With the LT-190 is now a high-performance power supply from Microset available. The highlight of this power supply is that in addition to the voltage also the current is adjustable. A large LCD display shows the voltage and current(switchable).

This power supply provides the power for the radio and all the accessories alone and you will need no more power supply at the same time.

Lightweight and compact, for radio purposes, adjustable 4-15V or with fixed output 13,5V / 25A, ripple 20mV. Contain a temperature controlled fan and overtemp protection.

The TOP-T25 is a feature and price reduced version of the PCS-125, where also filtering of the output was changed. When operating this p/s in immediate vicinity of a shortwave wire antenna some noise might be experienced, especially on the low bands. When using this p/s with a coax fed antenna on the roof or with VHF/UHF equipment these issues will not be seen.

Technical Data
Product Name TOP-T25
Voltage Display No
Outout current (continous) 20 A
Output current (peak) 25 A
Brand Microset
Weight 1.4 kg
Size W x H x D 79 x 165 x 160 mm

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