TRSWITCH Automatic TX/RX switch up to 160MHz, 100W

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Available from 15.01.2024

In case you use a scanner or a software defined receiver (SDR) for reception, and you want to transmit with your normal transceiver, you need an antenna switch. Such a device must switch the antenna immediately on transmission.

TRSWITCH does just that. The switch has a connection for the antenna, and two connectors for the receiver and the transmitter. The switching is actuated automatically (RF Vox, from 10mW on) or with a PTT line.

TRSWITCH has an additional AF switch built in: when using an external speaker the receiver is muted, instead the CW sidetone is audible through the speaker. The receiver connector is grounded during treansmission, further it is secured with a lightning protector. Without operating voltage the antenna is always switched to the transmitter (or transceiver).

TRSWITCH wotk from DC to 160MHz, the insertion loss at 160 MHz is 0.2 dB. Max. transmit power is 100W, the device requires 13.8V at 200mA.

  • Impedance: 50 Ω

  • Frequency range: DC - 160MHz

  • Max. TX power: 100W

  • Switching level: <10mW (1.8MHz-30MHz)

  • Turn-on time: <20ms

  • Turn-off delay: <190ms

  • Insertion loss: <0.3dB @144MHz (0.2dB typ.)

  • Crosstalk attenuation: > 38dB @144MHz (40dB typ.)

  • Power supply: 13.8V DC 200mA
Technical Data
Product Name TRSWITCH
Number of Ports 2:1
Brand Elad
Remote Control capabilities Yes
Weatherproof No
Connector 2 x PL female, 1x BNC female

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