TuneRite Tuning Aid for Kenwood

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TuneRite Tuning Aid

Many recent transceivers offer a "Tune" or"AT" button - which does only work when an external antenna tuner is installed. Now if you want to tune a manual tuner or antenna you have to switch to CW or FM, reduce power, push PTT, tune, then revert back to the mode and power level where you came from. Not very convenient and very time consuming.

Here the TuneRite steps in and offers great help. The following radios are supported:

  • All Icom with 4 pin tuner socket (IC-703, 706, 718, 736, 746, 7400, 756, 756ProI/II/III, 765, 775, 7000 etc.)

  • All Kenwood with 6 pin tuner socket ( TS-50, 450, 850, 950, 570, 2000, 480 etc.)

TuneRite is very easy to install: With an Icom or Kenwood, just plug it into the tuner socket on the rear, a power supply is not required.

With the TuneRite installed you just push "Tune" or "AT" on your rig, the radio now sends a continous carrier at reduced power level. At the end of tuning the previously selected mode and power level is back. This eases the tuning process very much, be it with a manual or automatic tuner, or a screwdriver antenna like the Tarheel antennas.

Note: When using the TUNERITE-KW on a TS-480HX (HX, not SAT!), the radio 'thinks' it has a kenwood tuner connected. Since these tuner do not handle more than 100W power, the TS-480HX reduces it's output power permanently to 100w! During the tuning process the power is reduced to 10W as usual.

Technical Data
Product Name TUNERITE-KW