MicroHAM u2R SO2R-Station controller

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The microHam Micro-R (aka u2r) station controller is intended for all radio amateurs with two radios and any soundcard interface. Despite the many functions the microHAM u2R is easy to install and operate. The provided functions are for example manual or automatic switching of microphone, headphone, CW key and PTT to each radio, control of a band (antenna) switch and much more. The microHAM u2R is supported by many contest programs in automatic mode.

The microHAM u2R is a controller for two radios and offers everything you need for Single-Op, Two-Radio (SO2R) contest operations. Just install the supplied software, connect your microphone, key, foot switch and headphones to the controller, connect the radios - and go! All controls are easy to operate and conveniently located at the front panel. With the push of a button you select which audio (Radio 1 or 2 or both) you hear, same as which radio receives the transmit audio from the soundcard. or you let the software select this automatically for you, which is very helpful during a contest. The telegraphy keying is done with a K1EL Winkey2 chip, assuring precise and accurate keying of the transmitter. Several LEDs show the current state of the microHAM u2R controller.

Unlike any other commercially available SO2R solution (except MK2R™ and MK2R+™ from microHAM), micro2R™ uses either USB or LPT control, includes a proven WinKey2 CW keyer, support for either electret or dynamic microphones, a UART compatible FSK port for each radio, and built-in support for the voice keyer capabilities of the most popular contesting software.

Note: Unlike as with other devices by microHam, there are no ready-made cables for various radios and the microHAM u2R. This is due to the fact that the number of possible combinations of radios, soundcard interfaces, antenna switches etc. are just too large to make such an offer possible. In other words: you have to make the cables between microHAM u2R and your radio yourself.
Technical Data
Product Name u2R
Brand microHAM
Supply Voltage [V] 13.8 V
Weight 1.3 kg
Size W x H x D 232mm x 44mm x 101mm

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