Ultrabeam UB-8060 Rotary Dipole 80/60/40m

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Top Features

  • Only antenna with complete 80m coverage
  • Tri-band 80 + 60 + 40 m
  • Motorized tuning
  • With touch screen controller
  • Incl. guy wire

Supply Scope

  • UB-8060
  • RCU-06 Controller with touch screen
  • 30 m connection cable, ready for use
  • Pole clamp (Boom/Mast clamp for masts up to 50 mm)
  • Mounting material
  • Manual

Technical description UB-8060

The ultimate rotary dipole for DXers - the only antenna on the market with continuous coverage from 3.5 to 3.8 MHz.

One of the problems faced by radio amateurs on the low frequency bands is definitely the antenna. There are many solutions on the market, but unfortunately none with continuous frequency coverage from CW to SSB on the 80m band. 

Solutions that use tuners to extend the bandwidth clearly leave a lot to be desired, because the antenna does not work optimally as a result. Ultrabeam has now solved this problem perfectly by developing an adjustable coil.

Using the same touch controller as the classic UltraBeam series, you can adjust the Rotary Dipole UB80 from 3.5 to 3.8 MHz with excellent matching without any loss of quality. And what's more - the addition of the increasingly popular 60m band and coverage of the 40m band make this antenna an exceptional companion for DXers and demanding radio amateurs alike. Of course, you can control it all from your PC or directly from the radio. 

Controller and cable included

Comes with RCU-06 controller with color display (touch display), and 30m control cable with connectors already attached.

Application description UB-8060

Rotary dipoles are the ideal addition if you already have a beam for several bands. Mostly bands like 80m or 60m are missing and you install dipoles for them. However, these have the disadvantage of not being rotatable. 

In contrast to the classic wire dipoles, only one mounting point (namely the antenna mast) is needed for the rotary dipoles, since they are "rigid dipoles". Thus, rotary dipoles with a rotor are rotatable, which allows you to additionally benefit from the directivity. 

Technical Data
Product Name UB-8060
Brand Ultrabeam
Max. Element Length 17 m
Mono-/Multiband Tri band
Number of connectors 1
Supported Bands 80m, 60m, 40m
Wind Surface (m²) 0.77
Weight 18 kg
Balun Included No
Max. Power [W] 3500 W
Frequency Range 3.5 - 3.8 MHz + 5.1 - 5.5 MHz + 7.0 - 7.2 MHz
Rotation Radius [m] 8.5
Antenna Guying Yes
Antenna Type Dipole
Design of antenna Rotary Dipole
Max. Mast Diameter [mm] 50
Connector Screw Terminals

Ultrabeam offers a range of motorised adjustable beams. Originally founded in Italy, the company was taken over by WiMo in 2017 and production was moved to Herxheim.

Ultrabeam offers 2 product lines: Beams from 6 to 20m and from 6 to 40m. The UB-20MX is the smallest of the beams from 6 to 20m, ideal for the terraced house or other situations with limited space.

Ultrabeam UB-8060 Rotary Dipole 80/60/40m
Ultrabeam UB-8060 Rotary Dipole 80/60/40m

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