Buddipole VersaTee Center part (spare)

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  • Versa-Tee

The 'Versa-Tee' is the heart of the Buddipole dipole, but can also be used in many other ways.

The three sockets/screw terminals are connected to the three 3/8" threads on the side and top. In this way, either stretched dipoles or a vertical radiator (buddistick) can be set up with appropriate radiators. The surfaces with the threads are also suitable for holding the "Rotating Arm Kit". This allows the lateral arms to be set at different angles, thus changing the radiation characteristics of the antenna.

The bottom of the Versa-Tee has a 1/2" NPT female thread. This means that the centrepiece fits well on the various Buddipole masts, but also on pipe sections with this standard thread (1/2" NPT is also quite common in Europe). There are four holes across the centrepiece with which the Versa-Tee can be attached or guyed.

Technical Data
Product Name Versa Tee
Color Black
Brand Buddipole

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