VNA 4.4 GHz 7" screen, 2x N jack

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Top Features

  • Frequency range 50 kHz - 4.4 GHz
  • Large 7" touch display
  • USB-C port
  • Graphical output of the measurement results

Supply Scope

  • VNA-S4401A
  • Storage bag
  • USB cable
  • 2 N to SMA adapters
  • 2 SMA-SMA adapters (female/female)
  • 1 SMA-SMA adapter (male/male)
  • 1 x SMA Open/Short/Load calibration kit
  • 2 x 50cm/19.7" RG316 cable

Technical description VNA-SV4401A

The new SV4401A is a portable vector network analyzer (VNA) that covers a frequency range of 50kHz ~ 4.4GHz. It can be used for S11 and S21 measurements. The S21 dynamic range of the SV4401A is 75dB, while the S11 dynamic range is 50dB.


The SV4401A is eminently suitable for antenna testing on the MF/HF/VHF/UHF bands, e.g. shortwave antennas, ISM band antennas, WiFi antennas, Bluetooth antennas, GPS antennas, etc. Of course, filters, amplifiers, attenuators, cables, power dividers, couplers, duplexers and other RF components can also be measured. A variety of display formats are supported: log mag, linear mag, phase, Smith R+jX, Smith R+L/C, VSWR, polar, group delay, resistance, reactance, etc.

For cable length measurement, SV4401A supports TDR function.

The metal case is not only rugged, but also effectively shields electromagnetic interference.

The dimensions of the SV4401A are 190 x 130 x 30mm, and a convenient bracket on the back of the unit simplifies desktop use.

As an RF interface, the SV4401A has an N female connector, and the scope of delivery also includes a pair of N-to-SMA adapters that can be used to connect DUTs with SMA interfaces.

The sampling speed of the signal processing system is 400 points/s, which enables measurements in quasi-real time. The maximum number of sampling points is up to 1001. 

Application description VNA-SV4401A

The 7" touchscreen (resolution: 1024 x 600) is complemented by four physical buttons for quickly setting the frequency range, scaling, turning waveforms on and off, adding and deleting markers, screenshots, etc. Thus, a simple and intuitive workflow is well taken care of.

The SV4401A has two built-in 3350 mAh 18650 lithium batteries with a battery life of up to 4 hours. The charging interface is USB Type-C, and the included cable can be used to both charge the device and transfer data. At the same time, the SV4401A has a built-in 8GB memory card that can be used to store calibration status, snp files, screenshots, etc.

A 5V/2A charger (not included) is recommended for charging the batteries.

Calibration process, Video in English

Firmware-Upgrade, Video in English

Technical Data
Product Name VNA-SV4401A
Dynamic Range (dB) S21: 75dB (<3GHz); 60dB (>3GHz) / S11: 50dB (<3GHz); 40dB (>3GHz)
Precision (Frequenz) <±1ppm (<140MHz) <±5KHz (>140MHz)
Supply Voltage [V] 3.6 V
Color Black
Temperature Range 0 - 45°C
Brand Chelegance
Weight 1.15 kg
Frequency Range 50 kHz - 4.4 GHz
Size W x H x D 190 x 130 x 30 mm
VNA 4.4 GHz 7
VNA 4.4 GHz 7" screen, 2x N jack

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