Wavenode HF-Sensor 1,8-60 MHz 2kW Rfview

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Supply Scope

  • Wavenode HF sensor 1.8-60 MHz 2kW Rfview
  • Software (from Windows XP)
Wavenode sensor for the WN-2D meter.
The sensor covers the frequency range 1.8-60 MHz with a maximum load of 2000W.

The sensor has a BNC connector to connect e.g. an oscilloscope. The output provides a level of 400 millivolts at 100 watts output power. 

The connection is also suitable for connecting a separate SDR receiver.
Technical Data
Product Name WN-2.HF-RFV
Impedance (Ω) 50
Brand Wavenode
Max. Power [W] 2000 W
Connector 2 x PL jack

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