Wolfwave Digital Audio Filter

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  • Wolfwave Digital Audio Filter
  • Cable USB to MicroUSB; 1.1m
  • Cable jack stereo to jack stereo; 1.45m

The Wolfwave is a digital audio filter that very efficiently improves the intelligibility of a received signal. This is achieved by a multi-level and adaptive processing of the audio signal: first the noise is reduced, then a bandpass filtering and finally an equalizer function for the adaptation to the hearing of the user. Each of the levels can be individually adjusted, the equalizer, for example, depending on gender and age to be able to respond very precisely to personal listening habits. The audio filtering is supplemented by an adjustable notch filter (notch filter).

The Wolfwave Filter is equipped with an easy to read OLED display, convenient operation via the front with several pushbuttons and rotary knobs. The display provides a good overview of the respective function, making operation very easy. Once the settings have been found, they can be stored separately in several memories, depending on the application and situation. Different settings, for example for the CW contest or the noisy SSB signal, can be quickly recalled. A "Bypass" function is directly available, so you can easily compare the original and the filtered signal and retune the filter if necessary.

The connections are designed for NF and are easy to integrate into the existing station. Separate connectors for headphones and loudspeakers are available as outputs. A USB socket is used for firmware upgrades of the digital signal processor. The power supply is 12 V DC, the current consumption is only 60 mA. This makes the Wolfwave filter easy to use even with battery operation.

The latest firmware update for Wolfwave adds a CW decoder, a low-power standby mode and other enhancements. It also adds a start-up sound that we have had composed by a professional musician, Chris Rolinson G7DDN. The startup sound is based on "WW" on Morse code.

Here is the link to the manufacturers site, Sotabeams, where you can find additional information as well as firmware upgrades.

Technical Data
Product Name Wolfwave
Brand Sotabeams

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