WSPRlite Power Conditioner 5V

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  • WSPRlite Power Conditioner 5V

Ideal for running your WSPRlite from a battery supply or "wall-wart", the WSPRlite Power Conditioner converts any 7 - 20 Volt DC supply into a super-clean quiet 5 Volt USB supply - perfect for your WSPRlite.

We use a linear regulator to avoid the noise problems so often associated with cheap switching regulators. Rated at 200 mA and with a re-settable fuse, the Power Conditioner will keep your WSPRlite happy - and safe too. The DC input is protected against voltage spikes by a special TVS diode and is provided with additional smoothing with a low-esr input capacitor. These features have been added in case you wish to use your WSPRlite in a mobile setting. Unlike simple chargers, we also condition the data lines to avoid unwanted noise affecting your WSPRlite.

The device is supplied with a PowerPole for the DC input and a standard USB output. It's ideal for running your WSPRlite at home or in the field! The PCB has M3 mounting holes (mounting hardware not supplied).

NOTE: this unit is not suitable for charging mobile phone or other devices.

Technical Data
Product Name WSPRlite Power Conditioner 5V
Brand Sotabeams
Weight 60 g

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