Max. 10 W
160-6 m
With battery
With tuner

Xiegu X6100 QRP Transceiver

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Top Features

  • 5/10 Watt
  • Built-in tuner
  • SDR technology
  • Colour display
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • CW/Voice keyer
  • Wifi + BT
  • 2x USB

Supply Scope

  • X6100 transceiver
  • Remote control microphone
  • Serial cable
  • 12V DC cable
  • User manual (EN)

WIMO Expert opinion

Thanks to modern SDR technology and a powerful receiver, experience the best intelligibility, almost like with a large station device. Be absolutely mobile with the integrated rechargeable battery, ideal for excursions or quick outdoor use. With the built-in waterfall display, you can quickly and precisely keep an eye on the entire spectrum, making band monitoring child's play. Enjoy comprehensive remote control options via PC, mouse or keyboard thanks to Bluetooth, WiFi and USB connections, perfect for all digital operating modes.
Please note that the transmission power is limited to 5W with the internal battery, which could be a challenge in some transmission situations. The integrated antenna tuner adjusts an SWR of approx. 1.5 : 1, which may not be sufficient in some cases.
Christoph Bothe Christoph Bothe DL4EX WiMo Head of Technical Support

Technical description X6100

The X6100 is divided into two modules: HF and baseband. The baseband unit is used to control the HF transceiver, as well as the DSP signal processing and the multimedia interface (BT, WIfi, USB) . The HF unit operates as a direct-scanning SDR (Direct Down Conversion) with separate paths for the transmit and receive branches. Both assemblies can be supplied separately with the latest firmware. Thus, new versions offer improvements and new functions.

The receiver supports a frequency range from 0.5 to 30 and 50 to 54 MHz. The transmitter is limited to the amateur radio bands from 160 to 6m (incl. 60m) . The transmitting power is 5W with the internal battery and 10W with external 13.8V power supply.  The built-in antenna tuner matches an SWR of max. 1.45 : 1, making it suitable for most portable antennas. The X6100 transceiver weighs only 880 g and measures 180 x 86 x 49 mm.

How does the Xiegu X6100 differ from Icom's IC-705 portable transceiver? Find out in our comparison in the blog post.

Application description X6100

The Xiegu X6100 offers endless possibilities for portable operation or QRP QSOs from home. The handy mini transceiver uses modern SDR technology and offers an excellent receiver with values almost like a 'big one' (-140 dBm noise floor, BDR >= 110 dB). The built-in rechargeable battery makes the X6100 ideal for the hiking backpack or for holidays, the built-in antenna tuner allows problem-free operation even on not so perfectly tuned antennas.

The waterfall display (4.3", max. 96 kHz spectrum) shows the received signal very accurately and enables very fast band monitoring.  Operation is very easy and trouble-free due to the easily accessible controls. And if that is not enough, the X6100 offers a large number of remote control options via PC, mouse or keyboard with Bluetooth, Wifi and 2x USB. Digimodes (PSK31, FT-8 etc.) are also easily feasible via these interfaces.

Technical Data
Product Name X6100
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
TX Power [W] 0.5 - 5 W (battery), 0.5 - 10 W (ext. 13.8 V)
4 m Band TX capable No, modification not possible
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
Brand Xiegu
Modes USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
Weight 849 g
Antenna Connector BNC socket
Bluetooth Interface Yes
The company Xiegu (Chonquing Xiegu Technology Co. Ltd) from China has been well known on the market for small HF transceivers for many years. Outstanding features are good equipment and a very advantageous price/performance ratio. Even though some of the products can be found on broad-based internet trading platforms, purchasing from WiMo offers the security of the largest European dealer for amateur radio products. WiMo also takes over the service for devices purchased through us.
Xiegu X6100 QRP Transceiver
Xiegu X6100 QRP Transceiver

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