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Xiegu XPA125B Transistor Amplifier

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Top Features

  • Only 5 watts drive power
  • Max. 100 watts out (6m: 80 W)
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Suitable for all transceivers
  • Simple operation
  • Built-in antenna tuner

Supply Scope

  • XPA125B power amplifier
  • Power cable with Molex connector on one side
  • Control cable for X108G
  • USB control cable
  • Manual (EN)

Technical description XPA125B

The Xiegu XPA125B is a transistor power amplifier for QRP transceivers. The driving power is max. 5 Watt, the output power is max. 100 Watt on shortwave (160-10m) and 80 Watt on the 6m band. The built-in antenna tuner offers a tuning range of 14 to 500 ohms and thus also matches a not quite perfectly resonant antenna. This makes it very convenient to use on the road, for example on holiday.

Various protective measures of the power amplifier offer carefree operation. The SWR and the temperature are monitored, as well as the maximum current consumption or overvoltage. Connecting the XPA215B to a radio is completely unproblematic. For the transceiver Xiegu X108G a control cable is included, for the Xiegu X6100 the optional cable L4001 is offered, for the X5105 a cable must be built by the user.  Any other transceiver can also be easily connected via the well-documented interface. The automatic band switching is controlled by a "band voltage" coming from the radio. Transceivers that do not offer this information are operated with manual band switching. Both the power amplifier and the tuner can be switched on and off separately (bypass), so both assemblies can be used as needed, even individually. The XPA125B weighs approx. 3 kg and measures 260 x 160 x 70 mm. The power supply requires 12-15 V, max. 25 A.

Application description XPA125B

QRP operation (making radio contacts with very low power) is fun, the market for corresponding radios is large. But sometimes you would like to have a little more power, for example to be able to use the QRP radio at home.
The Xiegu power amplifier "XPA125B" offers exactly these possibilities - perfectly suitable for small QRP transceivers with a transmitting power of approx. 5 Watt, it offers an output power of max. 100 Watt! (80 W at 6m).

Due to its compact dimensions and low weight, the power amplifier is also suitable for portable use, for example on holiday. And it doesn't matter which radio you use - the XPA125B works with any transceiver, the control is very easy to set up. The built-in tuner offers a very high level of comfort, especially in cases where a perfectly matched antenna is not available. This is often the case with portable use. The protection mechanisms of the power amplifier also ensure unproblematic operation; the voltage and current consumption are monitored, as are the SWR and the temperature.
The easy-to-read LC display shows the current operating status, the controls are clearly arranged and allow manual selection of the frequency range as well as bypass of PA and tuner. A control cable for the X108G is included in the scope of delivery, as is a power cable with plug for the PA (other side open).

Technical Data
Product Name XPA125B
Amplification (dB) 13 ± 1 dB
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
Temperature Range +10 - +55 °C
Protection Measures Temperatur, SWR, Voltage, Current
Brand Xiegu
Weight 3 kg
Max. Power [W] 100 W
Size W x H x D 160 x 70 x 260 mm
The Xiegu company (Chonquing Xiegu Technology Co. Ltd) from China has been known on the market for small HF transceivers for many years. Outstanding features are good equipment and a very advantageous price/performance ratio. Even though some of the products can be found on broad-based internet trading platforms, purchasing from WiMo offers the security of the largest European dealer for amateur radio products. WiMo also takes over the service for devices purchased through us.

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