XPOL-2 directional antenna LTE Triband, with cable

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  • Suited for 800 MHz & 1800 MHz & 2600 MHz: no matter what, you are ready to go!
  • Cable included, SMA connector fit on all routers
  • Directional antenna with great gain

Directional antenna for all LTE-Bands!

Finally, a directional antenna that can be used for everything. Due to the enormous frequency range of 650 MHz to 2.7 GHz, this antenna is suitable for GSM, UMTS and all LTE frequencies.

The antenna comes complete with 2x 5m cable and SMA connectors.

Technical Data
Product Name XPOL-2
Mono-/Multiband Tri band
Gain 2.4 GHz [dBi] 7
Gain 900 MHz [dBi] 8
Gain 800 MHz [dBi] 8
Gain 1800 MHz [dBi] 6.5
Gain 2600 MHz [dBi] 9
Supported Bands 700 MHz (LTE/4G)
800 MHz (LTE/4G)
868 MHz
900 MHz (GSM)
1800 MHz (DCS)
1900 MHz (DECT)
2100 MHz (LTE/4G)
2100 MHz (UMTS/3G)
Wifi 2.4 GHz
2600 MHz (LTE/4G)
Polarisation Dual Pol., linear ±45°
Antenna Type Directional Antenna
Design of antenna Panel Antenna