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The Japanese radio amateur Sako Hasegawa, JA1MP, founded in 1956 in Tokyo, the company K. K. General Terebi Service. Eight years later in 1964, the company moved to Yaesu, Tokyo and changed its name to YAESU Musen. The focus in the 1950s and 1960s was exclusively on the development and production of amateur radio equipment for shortwave operation. Early in the 60s, Germany became an interesting sales market for amateur radios. In 1963, the Sommerkamp company set up a sales department for YAESU radios, which was taken over a few years later by Richter & Co, Ricofunk, with locations in Hanover and Düsseldorf. With the later sale of Ricofunk to Stabo Elektronik in Hildesheim, the distribution again passed into new hands.


Company location Tokyo

FounderSako Hasegawa, JA1MP

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Year established 1956

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Today's joint stock company YAESU Musen develops and manufactures radios, both for amateur radio and for professional use. With the acquisition of the independent company STANDARD, a supplier of marine radio systems, the product range was expanded. The Group sells radios and accessories worldwide under the following divisions and brands: Professional Radio, Amateur Radio, Maritime Radio (Standard Horizon), Aeronautical Radio (Vertex Standard) and currently Data Radio, such as barcode scanners. The product range In the field of amateur radio offers KW transceivers and receivers, power amplifiers and handheld radios for the VHF and UHF range. YAESU has made a name for itself in particular in the circle of DX forwarders with numerous flagships and high-end transceivers as well as a wide range of accessories, and has also revitalized and promoted this branch of amateur radio.

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In 1999, YAESU moved its headquarters to Meduro, Tokyo. With the change of name to Vertex Standard, only the products of the amateur radio division were sold under the YAESU brand. YAESU Deutschland GmbH, with sales and service located in Schwalbach am Taunus until mid-2001, was dissolved in Germany and merged with the Dutch subsidiary "YAESU Europe B. V.". The YAESU brand Vertex-Standard devices secured the low-end market worldwide and Motorola improved its market presence in Japan.

On January 1, 2012, they spun off the amateur, maritime and aeronautical radio divisions again as an independent company under the old name YAESU Musen. Most recently, YAESU once again moved its headquarters to Shinagawa, Tokyo. Currently, the company is managed by Jun Hasegawa, a son of the company's founder, who has since passed away.

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