Yaesu Rotors w. Controller, G-450, G-1000, G-2800

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Top Features

  • Rotation angle 450 degrees (90 degrees overlap)
  • Incl. control unit

Supply Scope

  • Yaesu Antenna Rotor
  • Controller
  • 2 connectors for control cable
  • Instructions

Technical description

The Yaesu azimuth rotators G-450CDC, G-1000CDX and G-2800CDX differ in terms of payload capacity and features, among others. 

The direction of rotation is set via the included control unit: By simply pressing the rocker button, you align your antenna, while at the same time the 360-degree scale of the display instrument shows the current compass direction.

The brakes are designed so that the antenna is fixed, but yields in storms. The display on the control instrument adjusts correctly when the antenna is rotated after a storm when it is turned back on.

All models are supplied with the appropriate plugs for a control cable . Additionally - depending on the rotor - a suitable 5- or 6-core cable is required.

Application description


A medium rotor for small to medium sized 2m or 70cm antenna systems. Mechanical and electrical limit switching.

A 5-core control cable is required.


For larger KW beams and large 2m antennas. Mechanical AND electrical limit switching, the rotation speed is adjustable, the rotation direction is presettable, the zero point can be freely selected.


This high performance rotor with adjustable rotation speed is ideal for very large antenna systems. Other features include slow start-up and braking to protect the mast and antenna, direction preselection and a freely selectable zero point.

For mast-top mounting (motor is not mounted on a rotor platform) an additional clamp kit is required:

  • For G-450CDC and G-1000DCX rotors: GC-038, part no. 25025.
  • For the rotor G-2800DXC: GC-048, article no. 25026
Technical Data
Product Name Yaesu Rotors w. Controller, G-450, G-1000, G-2800
Supply Voltage [V] 230 V AC
Brand Yaesu
Type of rotor azimuthal
Rotation Angle (°) 450

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