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Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver

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Top Features

  • 100 € Yaesu Cashback
  • HF/50 MHz transceiver (incl. 60m)
  • Hybrid SDR receiver: downconverter 9 MHz IF + direct sampling
  • 250 MHz HRDDS synthesiser
  • 500, 3000, 15 kHz roofing filter (300 Hz optional)
  • 15 separate bandpass filters
  • Push-pull MOSFET PA 5 - 100W transmit power (5 - 25W AM)
  • 5" touch display with 3D spectrum stream display
  • DVI connection for external monitor
  • CAT interface via RS-232 and USB
  • Connection for USB peripherals (keyboard etc.)

WIMO Expert opinion

You benefit from the innovative hybrid SDR technology, which enables excellent reception quality even on busy bands. Thanks to the integrated roofing filters, you enjoy better selectivity during reception and can effectively block out interference. With a transmission power of 100 watts, the FT-DX10 offers enough power for most applications. The 250 MHz DDS synthesizer ensures minimal phase noise, good for interference-free reception and a clean transmission signal.
The purchase price may be above average, but this reflects the high quality and performance of the device. For absolute newcomers to the wireless world, the multitude of functions may be overwhelming at first, but thanks to its intuitive operation, even they will soon be able to use the full range.
Christoph Bothe Christoph Bothe DL4EX WiMo Head of Technical Support
First look at the Yaesu FT-DX10 (english narration (mostly :)) First look at the Yaesu FT-DX10 (english narration (mostly :))
First look at the Yaesu FT-DX10 (english narration (mostly :))
The new HF Transceiver FT-DX10 by Yaesu promises to achieve the same fantastic results in receiver ratings as their older siblings FT-DX101D and MP. And in fact - while we were producing this video Sherwood Engineering published their findings on the FT-DX10 receiver. With 107 dB it finishes at an impressive place #3 in the rankings by Narrow Dynmic Range. We show some basic functions of this nice rig and compare the sizes of the FT-DX101, FT-DX10 and Yaesu FT-991A. This video has an englisch language narration, except a portion around 5 minutes in. I forgot to exchange the audio, sorry. Will delete this video soon and replaceit with one fully translated... The same video is available with german language narration here: https://youtu.be/igRKbgT8tyw WiMo website: https://www.wimo.com/en/yaesu-ftdx10 Yaesu website: https://www.yaesu.com (then select FT-DX10) Sherwood Engineering: http://www.sherweng.com/table.html

Technical description

The FT-DX10 is a shortwave transceiver with 100W transmit power and a Hybrid SDR receiver. Hybrid SDR means that Yaesu uses two receiver trains simultaneously - a narrowband SDR with downconverter to 9 MHz, switchable roofing filters and digital SDR technology from the IF. And in parallel, a wideband, direct-scanning SDR that provides the colour 5" LC display with a high-resolution waterfall and precise spectrum. This way, excellent values such as 116 dB RMDR and 141 dB BDR are achieved. It is not without reason that the FT-DX101 with the same receiver concept is ranked number 1 in the renowned Sherwood list.

Three built-in roofing filters (500 Hz, 3 and 15 kHz), together with the well-known DSP filters, ensure silence on the band, QRM becomes controllable. The 15 (!) bandpass filters also contribute to this, ensuring that the AD-converter does not have to process unnecessary out-of-band signals. Last but not least, the 250 MHz DDS synthesiser should be mentioned, which ensures exceptionally low phase noise - just like the FT-DX101. All in all, these features contribute to one of the best shortwave receivers of our time.
The rugged transmitter delivers up to 100 W output power (25 W in AM). A MOSFET power amplifier in 'push/pull' technology is used. This ensures clean signals. The transmitting power can be reduced to a minimum of 5 W.

Application description

The Hybrid SDR receiver concept from Yaesu, as used in the FT-DX101D and FT-DX101MP, offers the chance to be at the top of the game. The new compact FT-DX10 HF transceiver from Yaesu uses exactly the same receiver system.

The operation of the FT-DX10 is based on the good experience of the larger models. The colour 5" touch display offers fast and precise navigation on the bands and selection of the most important operating parameters. By the way, the screen content can also be displayed on an external monitor, a DVI connection makes this possible. The VFO knob is surrounded by another ring on the outside, typical for Yaesu, which greatly facilitates the operation of the clarifier, memory and user-specific functions. At the same time, the more compact design of the FT-DX10 provides a thoughtful arrangement of the most important controls. Everything is easily and quickly accessible - as you would expect from Yaesu. The 60m band is ready to use as delivered. If the 4m band should be of interest, the transmitter can also be extended for this band.

The use of operating modes such as PSK-31, RTTY and CW is greatly facilitated by the built-in decoder. The interfaces are both RS-232 (CAT, PTT) and USB (audio, CAT, PTT). A special feature are ide USB inputs, to which a conventional PC keyboard and mouse can be connected! This makes the clearly structured menu system even easier to use. If the FT-DX10 transceiver is to be controlled remotely over the internet, the SCU-10LAN option is available.

Technical Data
Product Name Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver
Supported Bands 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m
4 m Band TX capable Yes, modification required
6 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
60 m Band TX capable Yes, as shipped
Brand Yaesu
Modes USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, PSK-31
Weight 5.9 kg
Bluetooth Interface No
Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver
Yaesu FT-DX10 HF Transceiver

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