Wifi Sector antenna 2,4GHz 2x MIMO Dual Pol. 12 dBi

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Dual-Polarity Sector antennas are intended for 802.11n MIMO systems and have two separate antenna systems with different polarisation, integrated into one housing. This results in multi-path radiation even in free space, from which 802.11n can profit and achieve a higher throughput.

Sector antennas are normally used to illuminate large halls, large yards etc.

The antennas have two N female connectors and are weatherproof, suitable for outdoor usw.
Datos Técnicos
Product Name 18680.12
Marca WiMo
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Horizontal c. 90
Half Power Beam Width (3dB) Vertical c. 20 +-1
Mono-/Multiband Mono banda
Peso 850 g
Resistente a la intemperie Si
Polarización Dual Pol., linear ±45°
Tipo de antena Antena direccional
Diseño de la antena Antena sectorial
Dimensiones 520 x 131 x 70 mm
Ganancia 2.4 GHz [dBi] 12

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