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Mastrant 4x Bracing Clamp 45-75 mm, galvanized

11,00 €
incl. IVA más gastos de envío 9,24 €

Disponible, envio en 3 o 4 diás.

Número de artículo
When working on the mast guying, often the question for other mounting options arise, for example how to install wire antennas etc. Mastrant offers a large range of options for installation a fixation of such material.

Rope pulleys are useful to easily raise and lower wire antennas. This makes it very easy to experiment and adjust the antenna to it's mounting point for best performance. Or you can build a system with a weight to keep the tension of a wire antenna over a tree.

'With Swirl' means that this pulley has a rotating lug at the top. This helps to prevent twisting of the guy wire.
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Product Name 23306