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SMB angular plug crimp (3 mm cable)

7,05 €
incl. IVA más gastos de envío 5,92 €

Disponible, envio en 1 o 2 diás.

Número de artículo
SMB Series connectors are mostly used for device internal connections, but are occasionally found on some PCMCIA cards as well. SMB is useable up to several GHz. The SMB connectors offered here are complety gold plated (center and outer conductor).

Most of the connectors offered here are crimp connectors. That means that these connectors are not soldered but that the outer shield is pressed onto the shaft of the connector with a special tool. The center conductor is usally soldered. Of course we supply the required tools as well, please see Crimp tools.

If you want to crimp the connectors yourselves you will need also the information on the precise lengths to which a cable (outer isolation, shield and inner isolation) must be stripped.
Datos Técnicos
Product Name 42755
Marca WiMo
para le tipo de cable RG-174
Sin soldadura No
Tipo de montaje Ensamblaje de Engarce
Conector A Enchufe SMB

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