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MCX angular plug crimp (3 mm cable)

MCX angular plug crimp (3 mm cable)

6,15 €
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Número de artículo
Series of robust, dust and waterproof antennas for industrial applications, protection class IP68. Antennas are available for 420, 8681800/1900 and 2400MHz. The coaxial connector (SMB type) is housed in a protected screw cap.

The antennas are used for typical industrial applications like Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi GSM or ISM remote control. The installation at the enclosure is done with a single hole mount with 150cm RG-174 cable attached, open ended. WiMo offers various connectors for the cable type, installation on request.

The antennas have an approximative gain of 2dBi, omnidirectional radiation, impedance 50Ωm length 92mm.
Datos Técnicos
Product Name 42955
Marca WiMo
para le tipo de cable RG-174
Sin soldadura No
Tipo de montaje Ensamblaje de Engarce
Conector A Enchufe MCX

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