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Mastrant-P Guy Rope 3mm, 100m

Mastrant-P Guy Rope 3mm, 100m

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The correct rope is one of the most important parts when guying a tower. Mastrant supplies ropes which have ben specifically selected for mast guying. Important features are good UV resistance, a high tensile strength, low stretching and a first-rate weather resiliance. The Mastrant ropes are made from Polyester and Dyneema, which have been designed for high and permanent loads.

WiMo offers two different rope types, which are differentiated by their elongation percentage. The table below should help you in selecting the right rope and accessories for various applications - from hanging a wire dipole up to securely guying a large tower. The rope type Mastrant-P is made from Polyester, is offered from 2 to 6mm and has a slightly higher elongation under load. This rope is very well suited for wire antennas, light masts etc. The rope type Mastrant-M is made from Dyneema, has a very low stretching under load and is available in diameters from 1 to 8mm. Depending on the diameter nearly all applications in amateur radio can be covered with these ropes.


-Structure: braided sheathing with cabled core

-Core: Polyester with parallel twisted layers

-Sheath: 12 or 16 (depending on diameter)

-Elongation: max. ca. 2.4%

-Temperature range: -110°C – +120°C


-Structure: double braided Polyester sheath with Dyneema core

-Core: 100% braided Dyneema DM20

-Inner sheath (only for ropes from 6mm Ø): several Polyester layers

-Outher sheath: 12, 16, 24 or 40 Polyester layers (depending on diameter)

-Temperature range: -110°C – +90°C
Datos Técnicos
Longitud [m] 100 m


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