Radiosport RS-M360 Electret microphone

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The microphones for the Radiosport RS-60CF headset by Arlan can be changed at any time without problems. Various microphone types are available for different radio types and usage scenarios. In conjunction with the detachable connecting cables the result is a modular systems, which can be continously used even when changing the radio brand.

The microphone capsules marked as "DX" have a reduced frequency responses. This helps better intelligibility in noisy channels, the signal becomes crisper and stands out from the crowd of the other signals. On the other hand the DX modulation would be too harsh for a prolonged chat at good conditions. For standard QSO use and chats, either on shortwave or on VHF the standard microphones are recommended. This microphone offers a wider frequency response, the modulation characteristics can be adjusted by the equalizer of the radio.

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