Directional antenna LTE 800/1800/2600 MHz, MIMO, SMA

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Suitable for 800 MHz & 1800 MHz & 2600 MHz: no matter what system, you are ready to go

-Wired ready for connection with 2 × 10m cable length

-Directional Antenna for outdoor installation on a mast

Efficient directional antenna with 9.5 to 11 dBi Gain, depending on band. Consists of two logarithmic-periodic antennas which are both slanted by 45°. This results in the X polarsation required for LTE connections. This dual polarisation is the basis for fast data transmission rates and robust connections of LTE.

The antennas are made from light aluminium, solid construction (Made in Europe!). The mast mount is included in shipment and is suitable for masts up to 50mm. The antennas have a length of 980mm. The two supplied cables are attached directly to the antenna and have a length of 10m. Both are equipped with SMA connectors, which is the most common connector for many consumer class LTE/4G routers. Due to the large bandwidth this antenna is useable on all LTE bands from 790 to 2700 MHz, but also for GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS and DECT. This is ideal for backup radio links, regardless of which band is available in your region.

Pointing the antenna in the right direction is not critical, either use the information by the provider, or check the signal strength signal of the router to find the strongest signal. The antenna has an opening angle of 40 to 50°.

If 10m cable length is not sufficient, you can use extender cables - within limits. Please note that each connector and each cable reduces the signal which eventually even the strongest antenna can not compensate. Outdoor SMA connections should be protected with self annealing tape, SMA connectors are not waterproof. Attention: Any MIMO antenna requires two extension cables!

For the Stacking distances see manual.

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