BT-20DUAL GSM Repeater GSM900+3G, 1 omni-directional antenna

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The BT_20DUAL is used to extend the range of 900MHz and 3G/UMTS mobile phone networks in buildings. It can be used anywhere where the reception of mobile phone signals is blocked due to the construction of theb building, but is available outside the building. The repeater is designed to work on two bands simultaneously, it supports the 900MHz GSM band as well as the 3G/UKTS band (2100MHz). With this the BT-20DUAL is perfect for coverage where voice (GSM) and data connections (GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+) are required.

The installation is very simple: one outdoor antenna, one indoor antenna, each with 10m cable. In between the antennas is the amplifier, a power supply is included in shipment. For the installation of the outdoor antenna a small mast or wall mount is required, which can also be supplied by WiMo.

The BT-20DUAL is intended for smaller and mid-sized premises like restaurants, offices, small underground garages etc. The cable length can be extended (within limits), we offer distribution kits for two or three indoor antennas to cover separate rooms.

The standard model BT-20DUAL is equipped with an outdoor high gain directional antenna. This is receommende for larger distances to the base station. The model BT-20DUAL-OM has an outdoor omnidirectional antenna and is suitable when you have a) a good signal outdoors, and b) you need to contact different providers in different directions.

BT-20DUAL includes:

-One outdoor directional antenna (omnidirectional with model BT-20DUAL-OM)

-One indoor directional antenna

-2x 10m cable for antennas

-BT-20DUAL Amplifier Unit

-230V Power Supply

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