Chameleon Group spike 3/8" 'Spike Mount'

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The V11 and V12 is one more all-inclusive offer from Chameleon.

The V11 is a bundle with 2x V1L mobile antennas and a common mounting base. The max. power for this antenna is 500W in SBB for the full range from 80m up to 6m, 2m and 70cm. The antenna works also between this bands like MARS,CAP up to 500 MHz. The connector on the RF side is a PL-259 plug and the both radiator will be connected by two 3/8" thread bolt.

Since the V11 is made from 2x V1L the full lenght of this antenna is 520cm. The antenna works like a vertikal polarized dipole. Chameleon says, the base should be installed more then 3,5m up. Heigher installation will be better for the radiation. In principle one can use any pole for that. However, to avoid interference from this, it should consist of a nonconducting material. The unmounted V11 is only 130cm lomg. To use the Chameleon V11 you need a tuner.

Chameleon V12

The Chameleon V12 is a shorter version of the V11. In the upper part is a V1L antenna and in the lower part is a V2 antenna. With this version you have a full lenght of 3,8m. The minimum recommended installation height is the same as the V11. At this two antennas is an expansion set with radials not needed. The Chameleon V12 is an antenna with reduced counterweight and must be used with a tuner.

The Chameleon 'Spike Mount' is an inventive extension to many portable antenna systems. It is a ground stake with an 3/8" socket. Additional it offers an attachment for a wire ground radial.

The 'Spike Mount' is made from stainless steel and very solid. The 3/8" socket serves as a mount moint for antenna carrier systems by Chameleon and other manufacturers, for example for the Chameleon 'Hybrid Mini' or 'Hybrid Micro'. Since the grounding with a stake is usually not sufficient, an additional counterpoise wire can be easily attached to the stake with a knurled thumb screw. Length 50cm, weight 500 g.
Más Información
Max. Power Handling 500W
Longitud máxima del elemento (m) 260.0000
Tipo de Radiador Omnidireccional
Titulo Chameleon Group spike 3/8" 'Spike Mount'
Short Description Chameleon Ground spike antenna base 'Spike Mount'