Hari 4 Band Wire Groundplane 10/15/20/40m

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Now this is a very nice vacation antenna. It works just like a conventional groundplane made from aluminium tubes, but it can be rolled up. With just 850 g weight it fits into any suitcase for a vacation. Per band a 1/4 wavelength radial is included, the radiator itself has three traps. The lengths of the radiator is 7.5m. The radials can be installed perpendicular or at a larger angle to the vertical radiator, just as place allows. Of the entire antenna can be mounted horizontally, it then works like a traditional multiband dipole. The bandwidth is somehwat larger compared to a normal trap dipole, because only one side of the dipole is equipped with traps.

The antenna is constructed from strong steel antenna wire, the antenna feed is a PL socket.
Datos Técnicos
Bandas supportados 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m