TARGETuner automatisches Steuergerät for Tarheel-Antennen

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Finally the Tarheel antennas can be tuned automatically. The TARGETuner using an RF sensor for the SWR in the transmission mode, and switch the antenna properly.

In the control unit is a intelligent microprocessor integrated which determines the motor speed and direction. Gleichzeitig wird kontinuierlich der Antennenzustand überwacht. Changes through exercise, icing and moving the antenna are thus immediately detected by the control unit.

The RF sensor is installed directly on the antenna line in the near of the transceiver. It measures the foward and reflected power and transmits it to the control unit.

Optionally the Targetuner controller can be connected to the CAT interface of certain radios. With this CAT information the antenna can be tuned without transmitting. This connection requires an optional CAT cable.

-Included in ship ment is:

-Control unit

-HF Sensor

-RJ45 Cable between contrl unit and sensor

-Power cable with Powerpole connectors

-short coaxial cable PL/PL

-4pin connector for motor control of the antenna

-Printed manual (engl.)

-Quick Start Guide (laminated)