Cushcraft A4S 3 Band Beam, 4 El. 10/15/20m

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The Cushcraft A-4S is a 4-Element Beam for 10m, 15m und 20m.

If there can be something more, we also offer a 4-element Yagi by Cushcraft for 20,15 and 10m.

All parts, which are not made of aluminum were manufactured from stainless steel, such as the mast clamp.
Datos Técnicos
Ganancia dBi (dB) 8.9
Relación adelante/atrás (dB) 25
Boom length [cm] 548 cm
Diámetro de boom (mm) 5.10
Radio de giro (m) 5.49
Bandas supportados 10m, 15m, 20m