Cushcraft MA6B 6 Band Beam, 6 El. 6/19/12/15/17/20m

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A compact shortwave beam with four elements for all bands from 6 to 20m. Two active elements on each band: 6,10,12,15,17 and 20m. Fits from the measurements almost everywhere - only 2.74m turning radius. Perfect for getting started with DX operation without having to install a huge antenna. With a maximum power of 1500W, the MA-6B can even be used for contests. The gain is about 3 to 5 dB, depending on the band. In addition to the gain, however, the front/back ratio is almost more important. F/B ratio is up to 22dB (depending on the band) and helps a lot to suppress interfering QRM. Due to the hat capacities and traps a large bandwidth is achieved, usually no lossy tuner is required. Boom length only 213cm, weight 11.8 kg.
Más Información
Radio de giro (m) ca. 305
Diámetro de boom (mm) 38
Longitud máxima del elemento (m) 521
Peso (kg) 15
Tipo de Radiador Direccional
Titulo Cushcraft MA6B 6 Band Beam, 6 El. 6/19/12/15/17/20m
Short Description Cushcraft MA-6B 6 Band Beam 6-20m
Bandas supportados 2m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m