EAntenna DY-MINI4B+ 4 Band Minibeam, 8 El. 10/15/20/40m

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The DY-Mini Yagis have a small turning radius and offers best performance on the bands.

The smaller dimensions are reached with end capacitor. In practice you have no losses when using, in contrast to other miniaturized antenna systems because in this antennas, the use of traps or coils was avoided.

The antennas operates in the respective band always as a two-element or rotary type. Despite its small size, it offers a Gain depending on the band up to 7 dBi at F/B ratio up to 15 dB and more.

The Antennas with the 40m Band need 2 Coax-Cables (40m is separate)!
Datos Técnicos
Boom length [cm] 638 cm
Radio de giro (m) FIXME
Bandas supportados 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m