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CG Antenna Balun 100W SSB/CW

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Small, light baluns for 80m-10m, maximum 100W PEP (CW or SSB). The baluns are in a plastic case fitted with snap-on lid, with vents on the bottom. The covers are not glued, the baluns are therefore not permanently waterproof. If in doubt, helps a soapbox ...

Models with ratio 1:1 and 1:4 are 'normale'Baluns. The design is a 1:9 Unun ('MTFT') with lateral mass screw. The baluns have input side, a PL jack, the output side studs M4 stainless steel, and weigh only about 65 grams

Datos Técnicos
Nombre del producto CG Antenna Balun 100W SSB/CW
Potencia máx. [W] 100 W
Gama de frecuencias 1 - 30 MHz
Marca CG-Antenna
Tipo de balun Balun de Voltage

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