Yaesu Cloning cable f. FT-2DE

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Note concerning the programming, the firmware upgrade and the required cables for these functions

-The 'Data' socket on the FT-2DE/XDE is not a usual USB Mini socket, but a custom design.

-The supplied data cable with USB A connector can be used for firmware upgrades, but not for programming the memories and other settings.

-For programming of the memories and other settings the cable SCU-19 is required, additionally you will need a suitable software like the Yaesu ADMS-8.

-For programming of the memories and other settings we recommend the products by RT-Systems, called ADMS-FT2D in thsi case. This product contains a cable 'USB-68' and a programing software for the Windows OS.

-The cable 'SCU-19' (by Yaesu) or the functionally identical cable 'USB-68' (by RT-Systems) are not suitable for firmware upgrades of the radio. Please use the supplied cable for this function.

-This information is valid for the FT-2DE. For the FT-1DE/FT-1XDE other constellations are valid :)