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Dual Beam Pro Rotary Dipole

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  • Rotary Dipole

The DUal Beam Pro is a small multiband rotary dipole, which is shortened by using roof capacities at the ends. This design allows a high efficiency at relatively short lenght of the antenna. The dipole is just 5m long, the roof capacities 2.5m. This results in a rotation radius of just 2.6m. The Dual Beam Pro can be operated from 40 to 10m, operation on 40 and 30m with reduced efficiency only and requires an external tuner with wide tuning range.

The directional pattern of the Dual beam Pro is that of a traditional dipole (8 pattern). This gives you two preferred directions with maximum gain. When installed at you preferred direction this antenna is a nice improvement even without a rotor. When installed 10m above ground gain is between 6 and 7dBi. The feed is done with a wideband balun, a tuner is required in most cases due to the non-resonant design.

With it's extremely lightweight construction from airplane aluminium, the Dual Beam Pro can be installed on small masts, for example at the gable side of the house. The antenna weighs only 4.0kg and has a very low windload. The rotation radius von just 2.6m keeps enough distance to the neighbour, even on a terrace house. The materials used arestainless steels and galvanized steel, for weatherproof installation. Max. power load is 400 W (40-30m) and 1000 W (20-6m) PEP.

Datos Técnicos
Product Name Dual beam Pro
Bandas soportadas 40m
Ganancia 28 MHz [dBi] 7.3
Impedancia (Ω) 50 Ohm
Nº. Conectores: 1
Mono-/Multiband multibanda
Longitud máxima del elemento 5
Ganancia 21 MHz [dBi] 7.5
Ganancia 14 MHz [dBi] 6.6
Marca ProAntennas
Balun incluio
Potencia máx. [W] 600 W
Radio de giro [m] 2.6
Arriostramiento No
Tipo de antena Dipolo
Diseño de la antena Rotary Dipole
Peso [kg] 4.00 kgs

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