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GW-1000 APRS Interface Kenwood Cable

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  • GW-1000 APRS Interface Kenwood Cable
  • Software de configuración para Win XP, 7 u 8
Supports all major iGate APRS functions such as RF-Internet/Internet-RF gateway, digipeating etc. Simply connect it to the radio and (optionally) the internet router, and a new APRS digi + gateway is set up!

Many setting options for worldwide used APRS-IS standard, configuration software for Win XP, 7 or 8 included. The GW-1000 also offers functions to use it as an APRS and weather beacon without a computer, very useful for repeater locations.

Optional sensors for temperature/pressure/humidity/wind/rain are available. Also supports many major weather stations (e.g. Peet and others).

An optional LC display shows status and current messages.

With the optional Bluetooth interface the GW-1000 turns into the KISS-TNC. Simply use the tablet or smartphone packet or APRS!

Extensions for telemetry data are planned. Power supply 9-15VDC, max. 800mA.



-Sensor for temperature/humidity/pressure, inside weatherproof housing with short cable trail for connecting to GW-1000. If sensor should be mounted outdoors, the cable generally has to be extended. For this case the housing can be opened easily, any 3-wire cable will do (e.g. telephone cable). The sensor has 2 connections available for rain and wind sensor.


-Sensors for wind direction and speed as well as rain. Sensoren für Windrichtung und -Geschwindigkeit sowie Regensensor. Comes with short mast stub for outdoor mounting. Requires GW-1000.WX to connect to GW-1000.


-External LCD in housing, suitable for wall mounting. Connection to GW-1000 via included 4-wire cable. Display may be used remotely by connecting the included small interface board to the display. The interface board has a 9-wire subD connector, which is then connected with a 9-pin D-sub cable (e.g. OrderNo. 40060.MF) to the GW-1000 directly without any soldering.
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Product Name GW-1000.KW