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Dreams become true! If the IC-7800 was too large (for your desk or our wallet) - the best radio technology has moved within your range. The new Icom IC-7700 offers the best receiver technology, based on the profound experiences by Icom engineers. Plus a clean 200W transmitter, using 48V transistor technology for best linearity, the power supply is integrated. A newly designed bandfilter with large components and relays instead of pin diodes (all to alleviate intermod distortions) works in conjunction with the new "Digi-Sel" pre selector and achieves an IP3 of +40dBm at a dynamic range of 110dB! The straightforward receiver design (double superhet) with it's three selectable roofing filters warrants an unsurpassed receiver. This makes the IC-7700 an ideal radio for the ambitious contester and DX chaser.

-IP3: +40dBm

-IP2: +110dBm

-Dynamic range: 110dB

-3, 6 and 15 kHz Roofing filter

-Digi-Sel Pre selector

-Selectable pre-amplifiers, separate for HF and 50MHz

-IF-DSP for programmable filters

-AGC loop without pumping and pulsing noise

-Highly stable OCXO ± 0,05ppm

-7" TFT screen, external VGA connector

-USB connectors for storage and keyboard

-RTTY and PSK31 operation without computer possible

-Four switchable antenna connectors

-Realtime spectrum scope, selectable bandwidth

-Excellent noise reduction (NR)

-Adjustable, very effective noise blanker

-S/P-DIF optical connections for AF

-Ethernet connection for firmware upgrades

-200W transmit power

-100 memories

-Microphone Equalizer

-Automatic Antenna tuner integrated

-Memory keyer for telegraphy

-Full QSK

-and many more...
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